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Rapidshare downloader

Download files from rapidshare. These scripts are based on work by Mark
Sullivan ( Consists of 4 scripts: rapid-dl,
rapid-monitor, rapid-cookie and rapid-cancel.

- wget 
- grep
- cut
- bash


To install in /usr/local/bin use:
sudo ./

Alternatively add the following to your .bashrc/.zshrc
export PATH="/home/alex/rapid-dl:$PATH"

Next store a rapidshare cookie in ~/.cookies/rapidshare

rapid-cookie [USER] [PASSWORD]

This will store a cookie in a file called rapidshare in ~/.cookies. Note that
this process only needs to be done once (providing that the rapidshare cookie
file exists).

Downloading: rapid-dl

To download a single file from rapidshare use the following command (replacing
the URL with the URL of the file to download)


This will begin downloading the file in the background.

Alternatively, if you wish to download multiple files, put the URLs into a text
file (one URL per line) and use the following command:


This will download all of the files listed in myfile.txt simultaneously.

To monitor the progress of the download(s) use the rapid-monitor as follows.

Monitoring: rapid-monitor


The above command will monitor all of the downloads in the current directory
and will update every 10 seconds by default. In order to change how often the
script updates, give a number as the first argument. For example, to make the
script update every 2 seconds, use:

rapid-monitor 2

Cancelling: rapid-cancel

rapid-cancel [FILE]
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