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A minimal blog app for Django

Andablog is a blogging application for the Django framework. Andablog comes with minimal dependencies, making it effortless to integrate to existing Django sites. It supports the latest Django and Python versions.


What is the point of all this? When this project got started blogging apps for Django generally fell into one of these categories:

  1. A full CMS framework.
  2. A Django App but intended for blog-only sites.
  3. A Django App but intended for either a blog-only site (the default) or a site with a blog attached.

Though all three of these categories had great projects to choose from any one of them could be frustrating to implement into (and maintain within) an existing site. Simply because the app was not directly and exclusively focused on the use case of a django site, and a blog (get it?).

Andablog has a focus on integration-ease first and features second. So if the focus of your Django site is something else and you want to add a blog section to it you have come to the right place.