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🐏 ESLint rules for use with Ramda
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ESLint rules for pragmatic Ramda usage, refactoring and simplification


$ npm install --save-dev eslint eslint-plugin-ramda


Configure it in package.json.

  "name": "my-awesome-project",
  "eslintConfig": {
    "env": {
      "es6": true
    "plugins": [
    "rules": {
      "ramda/always-simplification": "error",
      "ramda/any-pass-simplification": "error",
      "ramda/both-simplification": "error",
      "ramda/complement-simplification": "error",
      "ramda/compose-pipe-style": "error",
      "ramda/compose-simplification": "error",
      "ramda/cond-simplification": "error",
      "ramda/either-simplification": "error",
      "ramda/eq-by-simplification": "error",
      "ramda/filter-simplification": "error",
      "ramda/if-else-simplification": "error",
      "ramda/map-simplification": "error",
      "ramda/merge-simplification": "error",
      "ramda/no-redundant-and": "error",
      "ramda/no-redundant-not": "error",
      "ramda/no-redundant-or": "error",
      "ramda/pipe-simplification": "error",
      "ramda/prefer-both-either": "error",
      "ramda/prefer-complement": "error",
      "ramda/prefer-ramda-boolean": "error",
      "ramda/prop-satisfies-simplification": "error",
      "ramda/reduce-simplification": "error",
      "ramda/reject-simplification": "error",
      "ramda/set-simplification": "error",
      "ramda/unless-simplification": "error",
      "ramda/when-simplification": "error"


  • always-simplification - Detects when always usage can be replaced by a Ramda function
  • any-pass-simplification - Suggests simplifying list of negations in anyPass by single negation in allPass
  • both-simplification - Suggests transforming negated both conditions on negated either
  • complement-simplification - Forbids confusing complement, suggesting a better one
  • compose-pipe-style - Enforces compose for single line expression and pipe for multiline
  • compose-simplification - Detects when a function that has the same behavior already exists
  • cond-simplification - Forbids using cond when ifElse, either or both fits
  • either-simplification - Suggests transforming negated either conditions on negated both
  • eq-by-simplification - Forbids eqBy(prop(_)) and suggests eqProps
  • filter-simplification - Forbids using negated filter and suggests reject
  • if-else-simplification - Suggests when and unless when it is possible to replace
  • map-simplification - Forbids map(prop(_)) and suggests pluck
  • merge-simplification - Forbids merge when assoc fits
  • no-redundant-and - Forbids and with 2 parameters in favor of &&
  • no-redundant-not - Forbids not with 1 parameter in favor of !
  • no-redundant-or - Forbids or with 2 parameters in favor of ||
  • pipe-simplification - Detects when a function that has the same behavior already exists
  • prefer-both-either - Enforces using both/either instead of allPass/anyPass with a list of only two predicates
  • prefer-complement - Enforces using complement instead of compositions using not
  • prefer-ramda-boolean - Enforces using R.T and R.F instead of explicit functions
  • prop-satisfies-simplification - Detects when can replace propSatisfies by more simple functions
  • reduce-simplification - Detects when can replace reduce by sum or product
  • reject-simplification - Forbids using negated reject and suggests filter
  • set-simplification - Forbids using set with lensProp in favor of assoc
  • unless-simplification - Forbids using negated unless and suggests when
  • when-simplification - Forbids using negated when and suggests unless

Recommended configuration

This plugin exports a recommended configuration that enforces good practices.

To enable this configuration, use the extends property in your package.json.

  "name": "my-awesome-project",
  "eslintConfig": {
    "plugins": [
    "extends": "plugin:ramda/recommended"

See ESLint documentation for more information about extending configuration files.

MIT © @haskellcamargo and @lo1tuma

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