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  • [THEME] - Changed theme structure, see themes/README.txt for details.
  • [SETTING] - Changed setting structure, see themes/README.txt for details.
  • [SECRETS] - Changed secrets structure, see for details.
  • [MIGRATION] - Change schema, run rake db:migrate to apply.
  • [DEPENDENCY] - Changed dependencies.


List of Calagator stable releases and changes, with the latest at the top:

  • v0.20101108

    • [!] Fixed searching, run rake solr:rebuild_index to rebuild your search index to take advantage of the improvements for matching by: exact words, fuzzy word match, words that had punctuation in or adjacent to them, and tags.
    • [DEPENDENCY] Added RiCal library.
    • [DEPENDENCY] Fixed "environment.rb" to specify exact versions of known-good gems, because new versions of gems have been released that have bugs or aren't backwards compatible.
    • Fixed search sorting and improved title displays.
    • Fixed iCalendar exports, they now include timezone and location.
    • Improved iCalendar exports, they now include a sequence field.
    • Improved rake data:fetch to display download progress if programs like curl and wget are installed.
    • Added machine tags, to link Calagator entries to those on external services.
    • Added tag cloud for displaying popular tags.
  • v0.20100302

    • Fixed "rake gems:install", some required gems weren't being installed.
    • Fixed "rake solr:start", the Net::HTTP syntax changed in recent versions of Ruby.
    • Fixed "rake db:dump" and "rake db:restore", the environment changed in recent versions of Rails.
    • Fixed the recent_changes listing to display changes made to deleted record.
    • Eliminated alert emails notifying admin that a form was submitted without a valid authentication token, which is almost always a spam bot.
    • Improved event form so that the end date is set to the start date if the start date is changed to be after the end date, and displayed highlight to alert user of the modification.
    • Improved event form so that the end time is offset from the start time if the start time is changed, and displayed highlighted to alert the user of the modification
  • v0.20091223

    • [SECRETS] Added entry for setting custom Upcoming API key.
    • Added Upcoming API-based event importer, hopefully resolving long-standing problems caused by them frequently changing their invalid iCalendar output.
    • Fixed export to Google Calendar.
    • Fixed to support tags that start with numbers.
    • Fixed recent changes to not fail if showing create AND delete on same page.
    • Improved iCalendar export to mark very long events as all-day events.
    • Added "preview" feature to the event add and edit forms.
    • Added "more events" link to bottom of site's events overview.
  • v0.20091001

    • Added feature to "clone", create a new event based on an existing one, to the event's sidebar.
    • Improved recent changes, added title for each record and reorganized columns to read from left-to-right.
  • v0.20090928

    • [DEPENDENCY] + [MIGRATION] Implemented new data versioning and management system that can track and rollback deletes and more, replaces acts_as_versioned with PaperTrail.
    • Fixed how Solr determines what port to connect to, it will now always check the config/solr.yml.
  • v0.20090914

    • [DEPENDENCY] Upgraded to Ruby on Rails 2.3.x and updated many gems.
    • [THEME] Upgraded theme_support, which expects layouts to be in MYTHEME/views/layouts rather than MYTHEME/layouts.
    • [SETTING] Added SECRETS.administrator_email with email to send errors, extracted it from config/initalizer/exception_notification_setup.rb.
    • [MIGRATION] Added PaperTrail plugin to provide complete version tracking of all changes, including deletes.
    • Added recent changes tracking and rollback using PaperTrail.
    • Added new,,, and files.
  • v0.2009031

    • [SETTING] Fixed timezone handling so that the application, added new timezone setting.
    • [THEME] Fixed layout and added an ie.6 stylesheet.
    • Fixed duplicate checking to eliminate infinite loops and link items to their progenitor.
    • Fixed times in Upcoming imports, which violate the iCalendar standard.
    • Fixed search sort labels.
  • v0.20090503

    • Fixed error caused by removal of from RubyGems 1.3.2 and above.
    • Fixed initialization error by delaying loading of tagging extensions till tables are created.
    • Added easily customizable config/database.yml, see file for usage.
    • Added initial MySQL and PostgreSQL ports with many SQL fixes, however, only SQLite3 is currently recommended.