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Integer Factorization Approaches with JavaScript
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This repo contains some known algorithms to find prime factors of given integer.
For further reading about algorithms see my research path.

Factorization Algorithms

Primality Testing Algorithms

Greatest Common Divisor (GCD) Calculating Algorithms


Since these codes are for demonstration purpose only; main focus was keep it as readable as possible. Therefore there might be performance issues (we need benchmarks) and problems with big numbers (although i've used mathjs to avoid that) etc. I don't suggest to use or trust this code in production-like environments. But you can give a try? Other than that i think you can use this in demonstration projects, prototype-like projects and/or projects that doesn't highly depend on performance etc. Or use this everywhere and improve the performance please. :)

What's Missing?

  • More algorithms might be introduced such as basic ones like trial division duh!
  • Some performance benchmarks would be nice.


I've only tested with followings.

  • NodeJS (>= 8.11)
  • NPM (>= 6.4)

Factorizer Options

name type default info options
factorizator enum fermat Algorithm going to use for factorization. fermat or pollard-rho
primalityTester enum fermat Algorithm going to use for primality testing. fermat or aks
gcdCalculator enum prime Algorithm going to use for GCD calculations. prime
full boolean false Whether return full set of factors or not. true or false

CLI Notes

  • Arguments other than first one are optionals.
  • You can skip an argument by providing 0.

CLI Usage: Global

$ npm i facty -g
$ facty <number> [factorizator] [primalityTester] [gcdCalculator] [full]
$ facty 120
$ facty 120 fermat aks
$ facty 120 pollard-rho
$ facty 120 0 0 0 true

CLI Usage: NPX

Direct Usage
$ npx facty <number> [factorizator] [primalityTester] [gcdCalculator] [full]
$ npx facty 120
$ npx facty 120 fermat aks
$ npx facty 120 pollard-rho
$ npx facty 120 0 0 0 true

Module Usage

$ npm i facty --save
const facty = require('facty');
// or
const { factorize } = require('facty');

or ES6

import facty from 'facty';
// or
import { factorize } from 'facty';
factorize(number, {
  factorizator: 'fermat',
  primalityTester: 'fermat',
  gcdCalculator: 'prime',
  full: false
// [2, 3, 5]

factorize(120, { full: true });
// [2, 2, 2, 3, 5]

Cloning Repo & Running Tests

$ git clone
Installing Dependencies
$ npm i
Running Tests
$ npm t

Known Issues

Right now the only known issue is that i dont know any issue. (Take this socrates!)


Licensed under MIT. So use it as you want.

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