Tools for programming LÖVE games in Atom.
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This package auto-installs several utilities for writing Love2D games in Atom. The individual packages can also be installed separately.


love-ide auto-installs packages that provide the following features.

Run Icon in Toolbar

Runs love . in the project directory. As of now, this can't be installed separately.

Love API Autocomplete (via autocomplete-love)

Autocompletes snippets for calling methods and defining callbacks. Provides descriptions, as well as links to the wiki page.

Love API Click to Definition (via hyperclick-love)

Using cmd-click (Mac OSX) or alt-click (Windows), you can click on love functions, which opens up the corresponding Wiki page.

Lua Syntax Checking (via linter-luaparse)

Basic Lua syntax checking.

GLSL Autocomplete (via autocomplete-glsl)


Tools for writing vertex and fragment shaders.

Full Package List

This package automatically installs the following packages (if not already installed).


apm dev love-ide