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Percymon: A Pokemon Showdown AI


Percymon is a Pokemon battling AI that runs on the Pokemon Showdown server. Percymon is built using Node.js.

Setting up the repository

To set up the server, you need to first install dependencies:

npm install

In order to actually play games you must create an account on Pokemon Showdown. Once the log-in information has been obtained, you need to create an account.json file containing information. The format of account.json is as follows:

    "username" : "sillybot",
    "password": "arbitrary password",
    "message" : "gl hf"

The message field indicates the message that will be sent when the bot first connects to the game.

Finally, to start the server, issue the following command:

node bot.js

By default, the server searches for unranked random battles when the option is toggled in the web console. There are several command line options that can be supplied:

--console: Only start the web console, not the game playing bot.
--host [url]: The websocket endpoint of the host to try to connect to. Default:
--port [port]: The port on which to serve the web console. Default: 3000
--ranked: Challenge on the ranked league.
--net [action]: Neural network configurations. 'create' - generate a new network. 'update' - use and modify existing network. 'use' - use, but don't modify network. 'none' - use hardcoded weights. Default: none
--algorithm [algorithm]: Can be 'minimax', 'greedy', or 'random'. Default: minimax
--account [file]: File from which to load credentials. Default: account.json
--nosave: Don't save games to the in-memory db.
--nolog: Don't append to log files.
--startchallenging: Start out challenging, instead of requiring a manual activation first.


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