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Percymon: A Pokemon Showdown AI

This project was built for an old version of Pokemon Showdown and won't work with newer versions. You might have luck checking out some of the forks.


Percymon is a Pokemon battling AI that plays matches on Pokemon Showdown. Percymon is built using Node.js. Check out the full project write-up here.

Setting up the repository

To set up the server, you need to first install dependencies:

npm install

In order to actually play games you must create an account on Pokemon Showdown. Once the log-in information has been obtained, you need to create an account.json file containing information. The format of account.json is as follows:

    "username" : "sillybot",
    "password": "arbitrary password",
    "message" : "gl hf"

The message field indicates the message that will be sent when the bot first connects to the game.

Finally, to start the server, issue the following command:

node bot.js

By default, the server searches for unranked random battles when the option is toggled in the web console. There are several command line options that can be supplied:

--console: Only start the web console, not the game playing bot.
--host [url]: The websocket endpoint of the host to try to connect to. Default:
--port [port]: The port on which to serve the web console. Default: 3000
--ranked: Challenge on the ranked league.
--net [action]: Neural network configurations. 'create' - generate a new network. 'update' - use and modify existing network. 'use' - use, but don't modify network. 'none' - use hardcoded weights. Default: none
--algorithm [algorithm]: Can be 'minimax', 'greedy', or 'random'. Default: minimax
--account [file]: File from which to load credentials. Default: account.json
--nosave: Don't save games to the in-memory db.
--nolog: Don't append to log files.
--startchallenging: Start out challenging, instead of requiring a manual activation first.