Yeoh (2002)

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Yeoh et al. (2002) acquired the diagnostic bone marrow samples from 248 pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) patients who were determined to have one and only one of the six known pediatric ALL prognostic subtypes, which include T-cell lineage ALL (T-ALL), E2A-PBX1, TEL-AML1, MLL rearrangements, BCR-ABL, and hyperdiploid karyotypes with more than 50 chromosomes (HK50). The 248 patients included 43 T-ALL, 27 E2A-PBX1, 79 TEL-AML1, 15 BCR-ABL, 20 MLL, and 64 HK50 patients.

Sample Size Number of Features Number of Classes Disease
248 12,625 6 Leukemia (ALL)

The above description is from Ramey, Sego, and Young (2012).

Data Source and Preprocessing

We used the Yeoh et al. (2002) data set from the stjudem package on Bioconductor. Because the data set contains data from other patients as well as a baseline set of subjects who are determined to have no form of acute leukemia, we reduced the St. Jude data set to include only the 6 ALL subtypes.


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