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Plugin to get and set alias for fields in Mongoose schemas to reduce db memory footprint
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This plugin let you add a alias key to your schema and create getter and setter for your field using that alternate name.

Plugin is intended to write short-keys for you documents on the DB but let you use long, descriptive name when reading fetched documents. This will result in less storage needed to memorize your data having no need to remember short key meanings.


To install it in your node.js project

npm install mongoose-aliasfield

or add it to your package.json dependencies

Schema Example

Take this schema as example:

var mongoose = require('mongoose');
var fieldsAliasPlugin = require('mongoose-aliasfield');

/*Describe a Schema*/
var PersonSchema = new Schema({
    't' : {'type': Date, 'index': true, 'alias': 'timestamp'},
    'n' : {'type' : String, 'alias': 'name'},
    's' : {'type' : String, 'alias': 'surname'},
    'p' : {
        'a' : {'type' : String, 'alias': 'profile.address'},
        'pn': {'type' : String, 'alias': 'profile.phone_number'}

/*Add field alias plugin*/

/*Person will be the model*/

Now that your schema is created you can use alias field name to describe an instance of your model

var person = new Person({
    'timestamp' : new Date(),
    'name'      : 'Jhon',
    'surname'   : 'Doe',
    'profile.address': 'Rue de Morgane',
    'profile.phone_number': '051-123456 78',

Even getters will run out of the box

var full_name =' '+person.surname;

full_name will be Jhon Doe

The only limitation in setters and getters is that you can't use partial path for nested properties

var user_profile = person.profile;

You'll be able to obtain even an aliased description of object as i the example below

Person.find({'n': 'Jhon'}, function(err,people){
    console.log( people.toAliasedFieldsObject() );

Your models gain a method called toAliasedFieldsObject which return a long-descriptive version of your docs:

    'name'  : 'Jhon',
    'surname': 'Doe',
    'profile': {
        'address'       : 'Rue de Morgane',
        'phone_number'  : '051-123456 78'


Fabrizio 'ramiel' Ruggeri

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