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# Represents an iPhone (or other APN enabled device).
# An APN::Device can have many APN::Notification.
# In order for the APN::Feedback system to work properly you *MUST*
# touch the <tt>last_registered_at</tt> column everytime someone opens
# your application. If you do not, then it is possible, and probably likely,
# that their device will be removed and will no longer receive notifications.
# Example:
# Device.create(:token => '5gxadhy6 6zmtxfl6 5zpbcxmw ez3w7ksf qscpr55t trknkzap 7yyt45sc g6jrw7qz')
class APN::Device < APN::Base
belongs_to :app, :class_name => 'APN::App'
has_many :notifications, :class_name => 'APN::Notification'
has_many :unsent_notifications, :class_name => 'APN::Notification', :conditions => 'sent_at is null'
validates_uniqueness_of :token, :scope => :app_id
#validates_format_of :token, :with => /^[a-z0-9]{8}\s[a-z0-9]{8}\s[a-z0-9]{8}\s[a-z0-9]{8}\s[a-z0-9]{8}\s[a-z0-9]{8}\s[a-z0-9]{8}\s[a-z0-9]{8}$/
before_create :set_last_registered_at
# The <tt>feedback_at</tt> accessor is set when the
# device is marked as potentially disconnected from your
# application by Apple.
attr_accessor :feedback_at
# Stores the token (Apple's device ID) of the iPhone (device).
# If the token comes in like this:
# '<5gxadhy6 6zmtxfl6 5zpbcxmw ez3w7ksf qscpr55t trknkzap 7yyt45sc g6jrw7qz>'
# Then the '<' and '>' will be stripped off.
def token=(token)
res = token.scan(/\<(.+)\>/).first
unless res.nil? || res.empty?
token = res.first
write_attribute('token', token)
# Returns the hexadecimal representation of the device's token.
def to_hexa
[self.token.delete(' ')].pack('H*')
def set_last_registered_at
self.last_registered_at = #if self.last_registered_at.nil?
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