This app attempts to provide a generic category system that multiple apps could use. It uses MPTT for the tree storage and provides a custom admin for better visualization (copied and modified from feinCMS).
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Django Categories grew out of our need to provide a basic hierarchical taxonomy management system that multiple applications could use independently or in concert.

As a news site, our stories, photos, and other content get divided into "sections" and we wanted all the apps to use the same set of sections. As our needs grew, the Django Categories grew in the functionality it gave to category handling within web pages.

Features of the project

Multiple trees, or a single tree
You can treat all the records as a single tree, shared by all the applications. You can also treat each of the top level records as individual trees, for different apps or uses.
Easy handling of hierarchical data
We use Django MPTT to manage the data efficiently and provide the extra access functions.
Easy importation of data
Import a tree or trees of space- or tab-indented data with a Django management command.
Metadata for better SEO on web pages
Include all the metadata you want for easy inclusion on web pages.
Link uncategorized objects to a category
Attach any number of objects to a category, even if the objects themselves aren't categorized.
Hierarchical Admin
Shows the data in typical tree form with disclosure triangles
Template Helpers

Easy ways for displaying the tree data in templates:

Show one level of a tree
All root categories or just children of a specified category
Show multiple levels
Ancestors of category, category and all children of category or a category and its children


  • Corey Oordt
  • Josh Ourisman
  • Justin Quick
  • Jose Soares
  • Erik Simmler