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Provides packages updates from updates managers
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Provides a hash including package updates from the most popular package managers.

Package managers supported:

  • apt
  • pacman
  • yum
  • Windows Update

Getting the updates:

The updates we get through the subroutine get-updates() that returns a hash. Each element of this hash includes:

  • key: Packet name.
  • value with the current packet version installed.
  • value with the new packet version available to install.

Windows Update considerations:

  • The updates from Windows Update is done using the Powershell script get-updates.ps1. This Powershell script must be located in the same directory as the script that call the Package::Updates module.
  • The returned hash only provides the name of the package (the hash key) that has a new version available.

Permisions considerations:

The script that call this module must be run by a user with administrative or root privileges.

Installing the module:

with zef:
  zef update
  zef install Package::Updates

with Panda:
  panda update
  panda install Package::Updates

Example Usage:

use v6;
use Package::Updates;

my %updates = get-updates();

for %updates.sort(*.key)>>.kv -> ($name, $data) {
  say "Packet name: $name Current: $data<current> New: $data<new>";
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