Send alerts with disk capacity and pending updates from a host
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Send email alert about disk capacity and pending updates.


  • Reports when exceed $disk-limit-percent capacity at any mount point or letter drive.
  • Reports the pending updates from popular GNU/Linux package managers or Windows Update.
  • Nice HTML table format.

Installing the module

zef update
zef install System::DiskAndUpdatesAlerts

Module dependencies

- FileSystem::Capacity
- Package::Updates


use v6;
use System::DiskAndUpdatesAlerts;

# Target email server
my $smtp-server = '';

# SMTP port from target email server
my $smtp-port = 25;

# alert from address; whatever but descriptive
my $from = '';

# The receiver of alerts
my $to = '';

# Reaching this percent reports the disk alert
my $disk-limit-percent = 75;

# Send alerts
send-alerts(:$smtp-server, :$smtp-port, :$from, :$to, :$disk-limit-percent);

Windows considerations

The get-updates.ps1 Powershell script must be located in the same directory as the Perl6 script.

SMTP client considerations

  • Sender authentication is not supported.
  • Encrypted transmission is not supported.
  • The current hostname and $from email address must have no restrictions to send email messages to $smtp-port at $smtp-server.
  • The $to email address must exist at $smtp-server email server system.