A chrome extension that helps you create memex like trails of web pages as you surf!
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The idea behind my memex implementation is this - browsing the web and navigating from one uri to another is analogous to creating a trail of information. I have created a plugin that like a camera allows the user to click record after which every uri navigation in the browser gets saved as a memex trail.

A typical use case is as follows.

  1. User clicks the plugin icon and is shown the Authorize button.
  2. User clicks Authorize and is taken to an options page where user provides a delicious username and password.
  3. User clicks Update and their 50 most recent bookmarks are shown on the page.
  4. User now clicks the plugin icon again and is shown the Record button.
  5. User clicks Record and starts browsing.
  6. User may click Pause at any time to stop making trails and check email for instance.
  7. User can click Stop at any time to terminate the trail.
  8. The trails are named using the title of the first web page in the trail.

Vannevar Bush's Memex Vannevar Bush's Memex