Starter Web project using Webpack, Babel and ReactJS
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Webpack starter project

This is a simple starter Web project using Webpack, Babel and ReactJS. Optionally it also shows how to use Webpack APIs in Gulp.

To install app dependencies -

  1. npm install

To bundle the application in one file

  1. webpack
    This created buindle.js and copies index.html to bundle folder
    OR using Gulp
  2. gulp build

To run webpack-dev-server

  1. webpack-dev-server
    OR using Gulp
  2. gulp
  3. wait till you see console message - 'webpack: bundle is not VALID' and then browse to http://localhost:8080

Note that when using webpack-dev-server files are served from memory and no files are genereated in the build folder.

See [Setting up Webpack + Babel + ReactJS] (