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Note: Poirot shares a significant amount of codebase with Slidify. To ease development, I have integrated Poirot into the dev branch of Slidify. These will be ported back to Poirot once the code matures.


Poirot is an elegant, blog aware, static site generator to create, manage and publish websites with reproducible content using R Markdown.

Installing Poirot

Poirot is still under development and can be installed from github using devtools. You will also need to install the development versions of slidify and slidifyLibraries.

install_github('poirot', 'ramnathv')
install_github('slidify', 'ramnathv', ref = 'dev')
install_github('slidifyLibraries', 'ramnathv')

Poirot uses markdown for text content, knitr for code chunks and mustache for templating. Poirot is highly extensible using widgets. As a publishing framework for data scientists, Poirot comes pre-equipped with support for math, visualization and tables.

Blogging with Poirot

You can start blogging with Poirot by cloning the sample blog, replacing the sample Rmd files with yours, modifying configuration in site.yml and posts/config.yml and running blogify(".") from the root directory. You can view the blog by opening a local server using python or ruby.

$ git clone
$ cd poirotBlog
$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8080
$ open localhost:8080/posts

How to contribute

You can fork the repository on Github.


MIT License