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rMaps is an R package to create, customize and publish interactive maps from R. It supports multiple mapping libraries, including leaflet, datamaps and crosslet


You can install rMaps from github using the devtools package. You will also need to install the dev version of rCharts, that contains several experimental features, required by rMaps.


Quick Start

Here are some quick examples to get you started.

Example 1: CrossLet

CrossLet is an amazing mappling library that combines Leaflet and CrossFilter, allowing one to create awesome visualizations. rMaps wraps CrossLet and provides R users with a simple interface to access its features.

  x = "country", 
  y = c("web_index", "universal_access", "impact_empowerment", "freedom_openness"),
  data = web_index

Click to see Interactive Map

Example 2: DataMaps

DataMaps uses D3.js to create customizable SVG map visualizations in a single Javscript file. rMaps provides a simple wrapper around DataMaps and also extends its features using AngularJS.

ichoropleth(Crime ~ State, data = subset(violent_crime, Year == 2010))
ichoropleth(Crime ~ State, data = violent_crime, animate = "Year")
ichoropleth(Crime ~ State, data = violent_crime, animate = "Year", play = TRUE)

Example 3: Leaflet

map <- Leaflet$new()
map$setView(c(51.505, -0.09), zoom = 13)
map$tileLayer(provider = 'Stamen.Watercolor')
  c(51.5, -0.09),
  bindPopup = 'Hi. I am a popup'


rMaps would have not been possible without these amazing mapping libraries written in javascript

  1. Leaflet
  2. DataMaps
  3. CrossLet


rMaps is licensed under the MIT License. However, the JavaScript charting libraries that are included with this package are licensed under their own terms. All of them are free for non-commercial and commercial use. For more details on the licensing terms, you can consult the file in each of the charting libraries.