🍃 A curated list of awesome MongoDB resources, libraries, tools and applications
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Awesome MongoDB

Awesome MongoDB Awesome

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A curated list of awesome MongoDB resources, libraries, tools and applications

Inspired by the awesome list thing. Feel free to improve this list by contributing!

Table of Contents
















  • mgo - Community Go driver


  • mongodb - Community Haskell driver


  • Jongo - Query in Java as in Mongo shell
  • Hibernate OGM - The power and simplicity of JPA for NoSQL datastores
  • mongo-java-driver - Official Java driver
  • mongo-queue-java - Java message queue backed by MongoDB
  • mongoFS - An enhancement of MongoDB's GridFS to allow for more features and capabilities
  • Mongojack - Based on Jackson, allows you to easily handle your mongo objects as POJOs
  • Morphia - Official Java ODM
  • Morphium - Java ODM and caching layer
  • Mungbean - Community driver for languages running on the JVM
  • Spring Data MongoDB - Spring based, object-document support and repositories for MongoDB


  • Camo - Class-based ES6 ODM for Mongo-like databases
  • MEAN.JS - Full-Stack based on MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js
  • MERN (mern-starter) - Full-Stack based on MongoDB, Express, React and Node.js
  • Meteor - Real-time/reactive client-server framework, based on MongoDB, with lots of features
  • Mongoose - Node.js asynchronous ODM
  • CASL Mongoose - Permissions management library integrated with Mongoose
  • mongration - Node.js migration framework
  • Moonridge - Framework with live querying on top of Mongoose and socket.io
  • node-mongodb-native - Official Node.js driver


  • Mongo.jl - Bindings on MongoDB official C driver






  • Flask-Stupe - Flask extension that adds PyMongo support to Flask
  • MongoEngine - Python ODM on top of PyMongo
  • MongoLog - MongoDB logging handler
  • Mongo-Thingy - The most Pythonic and friendly-yet-powerful way to use MongoDB
  • Motor - Non-blocking Python driver for Tornado or asyncio
  • PyMongo - Official (and recommended) Python driver
  • minimongo - A lightweight, schemaless, Pythonic Object-Oriented interface
  • scrapy-mongodb - MongoDB pipeline for Scrapy
  • μMongo - Driver-independent (async/sync) ODM based on marshmallow


  • mongolite - Fast and Simple MongoDB Client for R






  • mgodatagen - Random data generator for MongoDB
  • mongo_fdw - PostgreSQL foreign data wrapper for MongoDB
  • mongoctl - Manage MongoDB servers and replica sets using JSON configurations
  • MongoDB Smasher - Generate randomized datasets and benchmark your MongoDB setup
  • mongodb-tools - Three neat Python scripts to work with collections and indexes
  • Mongoeye - Schema and data analyzer: explore data in your collections
  • Mongolastic - A dataset migration tool from MongoDB to Elasticsearch and vice versa
  • MongoMultiMaster - Multi-Master MongoDB replication
  • MoSQL - MongoDB to PostgreSQL streaming replication
  • mtools - Collection of scripts to set up MongoDB test environments and parse and visualize MongoDB log files
  • nginx-gridfs - Nginx module for serving files from MongoDB's GridFS
  • nginx-mongodb-rest - MongoDB REST client written as an Nginx module
  • pt-mongodb-query-digest - Aggregates queries from query profiler and reports query usage statistics
  • pt-mongodb-summary - MongoDB cluster status overview command line tool
  • Variety - Schema analyzer: see what fields are in your collection and what's their content

Big Data



  • dbKoda - Open-source, cross-platform IDE for MongoDB
  • MongoHub - Mac native client
  • Mongotron - Cross-platform, open-source MongoDB client built with Electron
  • NoSQLBooster - Feature-rich but easy-to-use cross-platform MongoDB manager (formerly MongoBooster)
  • Robo 3T - Free, native and cross-platform MongoDB manager (formerly Robomongo)
  • Studio 3T - Cross-platform MongoDB manager, stable and powerful (formerly MongoChef)


  • check_mongodb - Nagios plugin (in Bash)
  • Datadog - SaaS-based MongoDB monitoring
  • Mongoop - Long operations monitoring and alerting
  • Motop - MongoDB top clone
  • mtop - Another top clone
  • mongo-monitor - Simple monitoring CLI
  • mongo-munin - Collection of Munin plugins
  • mongomon - More Munin plugins
  • nagios-plugin-mongodb - Nagios plugin (in Python)
  • PMM - Percona Monitoring and Management, a free and open-source platform for managing and monitoring MongoDB performance



  • adminMongo - Web-based user interface to handle connections and databases needs
  • Compass - MongoDB Inc. commercial online GUI and data-visualization platform
  • HumongouS.io - Easy online GUI and data-visualization dashboards
  • mongo-express - Web-based admin interface written with Node.js, Express and Bootstrap3
  • mongoadmin - Admin interface for MongoDB built using Django and Bootstrap
  • mongoplayground - An online playground for MongoDB
  • mongri - Web-based user interface for MongoDB (written in JavaScript)
  • Rockmongo - PHPMyAdmin for MongoDB, sort of


  • Builder Book App - Open source web app to publish books or documentation; built with React, Material-UI, Next, Express, Mongoose, MongoDB
  • CodeCombat - Multiplayer programming game for learning how to code
  • Countly - Mobile & web analytics and marketing platform built on Node.js and MongoDB
  • Leanote - Evernote clone built with Go and MongoDB
  • NodeBB - Node.js and MongoDB based forum software ("built for the modern web")
  • Quokka - Python CMS built on top of Flask and MongoDB
  • Reaction - Event-driven, real-time commerce platform built with ES6 and MongoDB
  • SaaS Boilerplate - Open source web app to quickly build your own SaaS product; built with React, Material-UI, Next, MobX, Express, Mongoose, MongoDB, Typescript
  • uptime - Remote monitoring application using Node.js, MongoDB, and Bootstrap



To the extent possible under law, Guillaume Gelin has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.