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Wikipedia Redefined

File structure:

 cache/                      cache files if you use php to parse articles

    article.css              stylesheet for the article page
    formatting.css           stylesheet for the parsed article
    home.css                 stylesheet for home page
    reset.css                css reset & basic classnames

    wikis/                   logos of the other wikis (quote, books, etc)

 includes/            cache functions        main functions
    langs.json               list of Wikipedias in their native language
    langs_english.json       list of Wikipedias in english

    article.js               article page functions
    home.js                  home page functions
    jquery.js                jquery library
    jquery.tiptip.js         custom tooltips library
    utils.js                 basic functions
    en.php                   the main language of the article page
                             (read the article page source to learn how to
                                             translate into your language)
    htaccess.txt             htaccess rules if you use Apache Server
    nginx.conf               nginx rules if you use Nginx server
 w/                          use w/ because is the same structure of Wikipedia
    index.php                the article page
 configuration.php           script config (please edit this)
 index.php                   home page
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