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Arduino - WPF C# 2D- GCode interpreter Food Printer
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Final report.pdf


Group Project for Rose-Hulman Institution of Technology Operation Catapult Full-TEXT PDF

  • Jake Zhang Solon High School
  • Jake Zuckerman Dunlap High School
  • Luke Cesario Downers Grove North High School
  • Yiren Qu Lyndon Institute

Arduino - WPF C# 2D- GCode interpreter Food Printer

Arduino code - please refer to the website Also, we used an Arduino library (including in the folder) AH_EasyDriver

Command list:

(If you use the arduino serial monitor, send any text first(do not starting with "S") then input your command or points.

Pancake painter setting: Flatten resolution 30 (can be modified) line end pre-shutoff distance: 1 line start pump on wait time 0 - please change it in arduino line end pump off wait time 0 fill line spacing in 20-40 recommended fill angle 23-45

Command list:

CH - Home CS+number - Rotate servo certain degree CT - Stop servo CE+number - Back home and reverse serov certain time(millyseconds)

P+number+,+number - move to certain points.

Please use arduino to load and then use WPF to import and communicate with Arduino board. WPF file arduino_drawing.exe is under bin folder. Close it after you print everytime.

The wiriing details, please see the report in the folder.

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