Tertiary text input for the Pebble!
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Tertiary Text

Simple Texting from your Wrist!

Type using your Pebble! Tertiary text presents a solution for a quick and efficient method of entering text using only the Pebble itself. By fully utilizing the three buttons and narrowing down the selection each time, it is possible to hit all twenty-six characters of the alphabet in three button strokes. It looks a little clunky at first, but in almost no time the letters become muscle memory and your speed greatly improves.

Tertiary Text in Action!

Tertiary Text in action

How to Type

The process may be effective, but it admittedly isn't the most straightforward. Check the animation above to get a better idea of how it functions. Also see the diagram below:


On the start screen, all 26 letters + the space are shown in three groups of nine, one group corresponding to each button. Selecting the top button then, for example, breaks it down into the group of nine, dividing that one into three groups of three, again one group for each button. The second click will then do the same thing to the selected group, making three groups of one letter each. The third and final click will then select the letter that it corresponds to, and successfully type it!

Extra characters and symbols

Of course there are more than the 26 lower case letters that need to be typed, and have we not just made use of all the three available buttons? Well, there is something else we can do, despite having a limited number of buttons to work with:

Holding for more thingsHolding for more thingsHolding for more thingsHolding for more things


Visit the offical project page here for official Tertiary Text downloads and .pbw files.