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A simple cross-platform app which generates a QR-Code from the Clipboard.
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Clipboard to QR-Code

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This is a simple app which generates a QR-Code from the Clipboard. Press the Shortcut Shift+CommandOrControl+Q and a window with the QR-Code shows up. This is an easy and secure way to transfer text to your Smartphone.

Notice: App is still Beta Quality. Needs Improvement! See TODO


I wanted a simple and secure way to transfer text (e.g. Passwords, Code etc.) from my Computer to my Smartphone. Without a cloud service.


Download prebuilt packages via the Github Release-Page and install it.

Open app, have text in your clipboard and press Shift+CommandOrControl+Q. Then open an QR-Code Scanner on your Smartphone and scan the code. Recommendations:

  • Android: Barcode Scanner by ZXing (F-Droid, Play Store)
  • iOS: Camera App (since iOS 11)


Main Window Settings Window


  • Shortcut for creating an QR-Code
  • Settings to change the shortcut
  • System Tray Menu to create Shortcut and opening Settings
  • Auto-Launch on Startup


  • Add item in System Tray
  • Update Settings UI (Separate Window)
  • Add feedback when settings are saved (improve UX)
  • no restart required to apply shortcut
  • Prebuilt Packages
  • better method to set shortcut (to set shortcut, simply press the shortcut)
  • possibility to launch this app on start-up


If you like this project, give it a star. This would be a huge motivation for me to bring this project forward.

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MIT © Ramon Reschke

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