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[#31] Updates readme:

- Explains what the oauth_token and verifier are in the README
- Changes `get_videos` to `get_all`
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@@ -133,10 +133,15 @@ Once the user has allowed your application to access their account, they will be
user.secret = access_token.secret
+*Note*: if you are trying to get your access tokens manually, then the above block of code will be a little different:
+ - `params[:oauth_token]` is the same as `request_token.token`
+ - `params[:oauth_verifier]` is the code you see on Vimeo after you visit `base.authorize_url` and allow access to your account.
Now you've got everything you need to use the Advanced API. Let's get a user's videos:
video ="consumer_key", "consumer_secret", :token => user.token, :secret => user.secret)
- video.get_videos("matthooks")
+ video.get_all("matthooks")
# => {"videos"=> { ... }, "stat"=>"ok", "generated_in"=>"0.5753"}
@@ -327,4 +332,4 @@ The upload method will automatically get an upload ticket, perform the multipart
* [HTTParty]( Easily one of the best tools I have used since I started using Ruby.
* [Jeweler]( Great tool for creating gems for Github.
-### Copyright (c) 2009-2010 Matt Hooks. See LICENSE for details.
+### Copyright (c) 2009-2010 Matt Hooks. See LICENSE for details.

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