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1 parent a36d20e commit de6fd2e04ca3719dce159ebf31503da876806902 @ramontayag committed Jul 1, 2012
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@@ -441,3 +441,11 @@ inoremap <Esc>A <up>
inoremap <Esc>B <down>
inoremap <Esc>C <right>
inoremap <Esc>D <left>
+" Show tab and end of line characters for text-mate like tab and end of line (eol) characters
+set list
+set listchars=tab:\ ,eol:¬
+" Invisible character colors close to railscasts background color
+highlight NonText guifg=#3D3D3D
+highlight SpecialKey guifg=#3D3D3D

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