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ClamAV wrapper for elixir based on clamby

This package depends of clamav installed on your system. Please refer to:

As recomendation, use the daemonize flag on the configs, in order to improve performance.


The package can be installed by adding clamxir to your list of dependencies in mix.exs:

def deps do
    {:clamxir, "~> 0.1.7"}


Clamxir receive the configs on each public method, and based on the configs, will perform their task.

The config file by default is the struct %Clamxir{}. The default values of the structure are:

  daemonize: false,
  stream: false,
  check: fase

Set daemonize to true, in order to use one instance of the clamav instead of the creation of an instance each time that the scanner is invoke.

Check is a flag to check if the scanner is available. Set to true in order to

  iex>{}, "/path/file")

Stream true, will pass the argument --stream to clamdscan.

  iex>{stream: true}, "/path/file")

check if the scanner exists, before try to use it.

  iex>{check: true}, "/path/file")

Integration with Phoenix

  1. Install as dependency mix.exs

        {:clamxir, "~> 0.1.7"}
  2. Use in the controller action where the files are uploaded

      def upload(conn, params) do
        file = params["index"]["file"]
        # Requires to have clamavdscann to work
        case{daemonize: true}, file.path) do
          true -> 
            # Process the file and ... 
            |> put_flash(:info,  "Created successfully")
            |> redirect(to: "/") 
          false -> conn
            |> put_flash(:error,  "Virus!!")
           |> redirect(to: "/") 

For a working sample please refer to:

Docs can be found at


  • Add Logger features