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ErlangWeb 1.4.1 Installation Guide
1. Requirements
-Erlang/OTP R12B-5 or later
-Yaws 1.80 or later (included in the package)
2. Start
To start working with Erlang Web you should compile the three main applications:
eptic, wpart and wparts. It could be easily done by typing
in the root directory of the framework.
You will also need one of the supported HTTP servers. To make your life easier,
Yaws server is included in version 1.80 together with pre-compiled beams.
After that you can either use generic directory builder:
or create all the folders by your own.
If you decided to use start.erl script, your server is ready to use and you can
start it in an interactive mode:
bin/start interactive
and then try:
3. Details
More details can be found on