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timer_lib  -  v0.8  -  Public Domain  -  2011 Mattias Jansson / Rampant Pixels

This library provides a cross-platform interface to measure
elapsed time with (at least) millisecond accuracy. The latest
source code is always available at

This library is put in the public domain; you can redistribute
it and/or modify it without any restrictions.

For a complete cross-platform application framework, look at
the foundation library available at


 0.1  (2011-03-15)  Initial release
 0.2  (2011-03-20)  Removed timer type (always high precision)
                    Fixed timer_ticks_per_second declaration
                    Added test application
 0.3  (2011-03-22)  Removed unused error checks in POSIX code
                    Made timeGetTime fallback optional in Windows code (define USE_FALLBACK to 1)
                    Fixed check of QPC weirdness (signed issue)
 0.4  (2011-03-23)  timer_lib_initialize() returns non-zero if failed (no high precision timer available)
                    Changed POSIX path to use CLOCK_MONOTONIC
                    POSIX timer_system use CLOCK_REALTIME for actual timestamp
                    Addded Mach-O path for MacOS X
                    Changed POSIX path to use nanosecond frequency as returned by clock_gettime
 0.5  (2012-10-01)  Merged (cleaned up) MacOSX build fixes from Nicolas Léveillé
 0.6  (2013-01-11)  Simplified API, only using tick_t type as timestamp and removing custom timer struct
                    Removed old legacy fallback code for Windows platform
 0.7  (2013-01-11)  Using platform_lib for platform and compiler abstraction
 0.8  (2013-07-30)  Made library standalone with no deps (not using deprecated platform_lib)