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module Palindrome where
-- an adaptation of Johan Jeuring's algorithm for finding maximal palindrome lengths
-- (
import Control.Arrow ((***))
-- find the maximal lengths of the palindromes
-- centered before, on, and after each element in the list
maximalPalindromeLengths :: Eq a => [a] -> [Int]
maximalPalindromeLengths as = grow 0 [] as as []
where -- grow n lz rz as log
-- n - confirmed length of palindrome centered at the current position
-- lz rz - zipper for elements at the start of the palindrome
-- as - elements after the palindrome
-- log - reversed list of maximal palindrome lengths found so far
-- The log is kept to exploit the mirror property of palindromes:
-- any item contained in a palindrome that occurs to the left of the
-- center reoccurs in the mirror position to the right of the center.
-- This is also true for any other palindrome whose center overlaps
-- the first palindrome - they have a matching palindrome that mirrors
-- them on the other side of the first's center (though the palindrome
-- may be extended or truncated if it is not wholey contained in the
-- first).
grow :: Eq a => Int -> [a] -> [a] -> [a] -> [Int] -> [Int]
-- if the items bordering the palindrome match,
-- extend the palindrome to include those items and continue
grow n (a':lz) rz (a:as) log | (a' == a) = grow (n+2) lz (a':rz) as log
-- if we've reached the end of the list
-- replay as much as the log as possible, trimming
-- lengths that would run over
grow n lz rz [] log = n : zipWith min log [n-1,n-2..0]
-- if we can't expand an empty palindrome,
-- try growing the next non-empty palindrome
grow 0 lz rz as log = 0 : grow 1 lz rz (tail as) (0:log)
-- if we can't expand a non-empty palindrome,
-- any preceeding palindromes that are wholey contained within
-- this one are repeated (in reverse order) on the other side of the center
-- while the boarding one is the kernel for the next to grow
grow n lz rz as log = n :
let (replay, n') = (map fst *** (uncurry min . head)) .
break (uncurry (>=)) $
zip log [n-1,n-2..0]
(xs,ys) = splitAt (n - n') rz
in replay ++ grow n' (reverse xs ++ lz) ys as (reverse replay ++ n : log)
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