Apache vhost choke module to control the request/vhost mixture.
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Apache vhost choke module to control the request/vhost mixture.

This apache module provides a multi-tenant (virtual hosted) apache environment the ability to "choke" requests at a per-vhost level.


The "devel" is in the details -- so before you can compile this module, ensure you have the apache headers (devel package) installed.

sudo {pkg-add -v apache-httpd-<ver> | yum install -y httpd-devel |
      apt-get install apache2-dev}

To compile and add module to apache:

sudo apxs[2] -i -a -c mod_vhost_choke.c
# Add options -Wc,-g -Wc,-O0  if you need 'em symbols.
# Add options -Wc,-g -Wc,-O0 -Wc,-DVHC_DEV_DEBUG for dev debugging.


These configuration directives are global and apply to the entire environment (across virtual hosts). Sample: mod_vhost_choke.conf.sample

VHostChokeDebug  { On | Off } 
   -  Turns developer debug messages ON/OFF (default is Off)
      Debug messages are currently written to stderr.

VHostChokeErrorCode  <http-code>
   -  Customized HTTP code to use when responding to choked requests.

VHostChokeErrorMessage  "<message>"
   -  Customized error message (140 character limit) to use when
      responding to choked requests.

Default settings are:

VHostChokeDebug         Off
VHostChokeErrorCode     429
VHostChokeErrorMessage  "VirtualHost choked. Try again later."

Per-VirtualHost Configuration

These configuration directives apply to individual vhosts.

VHostChokeSlotLimit  <slot-limit>
   -  Request slot choke limit (range: 0-65535) for a Virtual Host
      (Default is 0 or unlimited slots)

VHostChokeBurstPercent  <percentage>
   -  When VHostChokeSlotLimit is reached, the burst percentage
      controls how many additional slots are allowed for occasional
      request bursts. Setting this to 0 turns off bursting
      (Default is 30)

VHostChokeGracePeriod  <num-seconds>
   -  When VHostChokeSlotLimit is reached, the grace period in seconds
      controls how long request bursts will get additional slots.
      Setting this to 0 turns off bursting (Default is 30 seconds)

   -  When VHostChokeSlotLimit is reached and bursting occured, this
      setting (in seconds - range: 0-65535) controls how long to wait
      before allowing bursts again. Prevents flapping - up/down within
      the burst period. Default is 1800 seconds or 30 minutes


This configuration is a for virtual host called pacman-ramr.example.org where we throttle the number of requests to 10 but provide bursting capability of an additional 4 slots (4 grace) for a maximum grace period of 90 seconds (1.5 minutes) and grace capability is only granted once every hour (FlapPeriod is 60 minutes).

<VirtualHost *:80>
   ServerName  pacman-ramr.example.org
   ServerAdmin bofh@example.org
   # ... 
   <IfModule mod_vhost_choke.c>
      #  10 concurrent requests.
      VHostChokeSlotLimit          10

      #  40% of 10 requests = 4 grace slots. Anything >= 31 would work
      #  as we do a ceil(percent/100 * slots).
      VHostChokeBurstPercent       40

      #  For 90 secs or 1.5 minutes.
      VHostChokeGracePeriod        90

      #  Once every hour.
      VHostChokeBurstFlapPeriod  3600
   #  ...


The MIT License - see LICENSE file for more details.