Example of a Pyramid app that uses ramses
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Example of a Pyramid app using ramses - example.raml: RAML specs - schemas/*.json: schemas and property definitions


$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ cp local.ini.template local.ini
$ nano local.ini

The setting nefertari.engine can be set to either nefertari_mongodb or nefertari_sqla


$ pserve local.ini


POST <host>/api/auth/login

    "login": "<config.system.user>",
    "password": "<config.system.password>"

or in the browser:


Add mock data

$ mkdir mock
$ curl -o mock/Users.json https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ramses-tech/nefertari-example/master/mock/Users.json
$ curl -o mock/Profiles.json https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ramses-tech/nefertari-example/master/mock/Profiles.json
$ curl -o mock/Stories.json https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ramses-tech/nefertari-example/master/mock/Stories.json
$ nefertari.post2api -f ./mock/Users.json -u http://localhost:6543/api/users
$ nefertari.post2api -f ./mock/Profiles.json -u http://localhost:6543/api/users/{username}/profile
$ nefertari.post2api -f ./mock/Stories.json -u http://localhost:6543/api/stories

NOTE: set auth = false in local.ini file before executing