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Allow for settings to override GEONAMES_DUMPS_URL and GEONAMES_DATA #5

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pix0r commented Mar 20, 2012

Not sure if this is the appropriate way to override an app-specific setting.. I'd like to use your download_geonames but not keep my data in my virtualenv dir.

originell and others added some commits May 6, 2011
@originell originell Added package_data for sql folder c55cf9e
@originell originell forgot file specimen f5aff05
@originell originell added download command. 5078644
@originell originell moved Alternate.Meta down a bit c36ef6f
@originell originell Added OSX zcat fix c801623
@originell originell mixed up (un)equalness - getting tired 9d3fb6d
@originell originell updated README 9e458a9
@originell originell fixed indents and spacing in README ed83849
@originell originell no comment d6682a9
@originell originell added the time it took me to load the db 2467489
Adam Coddington Set up Geonames using a geography field and a spatial index. 43abb2d
Adam Coddington Changing index type. 332256a
@EspadaV8 EspadaV8 Merge branch 'originell-master' 006cf05
@EspadaV8 EspadaV8 Merge branch 'latestrevision-master' 964d219
@EspadaV8 EspadaV8 Correctly compare the existing filesize and the remote file size. If …
…they match then correctly close existing file and also close the web file. Print a message to inform the user too.
@EspadaV8 EspadaV8 Change the download function so that it prints out the amount of the …
…file downloaded so far. Ideally this should be on a single line but \r just seems to delay output until all the file has downloaded.
@EspadaV8 EspadaV8 Updated the progress tracker so that it works on a single line now. T…
…he progress it printed, X backspace chars are printed and then flushed. Without this either the output would be buffered until the download was finished or new lines would appear from somewhere.
@EspadaV8 EspadaV8 After the download has finished print a new line so that things aren'…
…t so... compact.
@EspadaV8 EspadaV8 Add in the ability to download the postal code data as well as the ot…
…her files. Only the main 'allCountries' file is downloaded since it's only 8.8MB which should be small enough as it is. Also include an option to disable the postalcodes.
@EspadaV8 EspadaV8 Add in a function to compress the postal code data file into a gzip f…
…ormat. All the data from the postal code dump is kept.
@EspadaV8 EspadaV8 Created a model for the postal code table from Geonames. Includes all
the columns that are mentioned in
@EspadaV8 EspadaV8 Create a way to import the postal code data into the GeoDjango database.
All fields should be imported from the original file.
@EspadaV8 EspadaV8 Add in a missing ';' from the end of the CREATE INDEX 948a88f
@EspadaV8 EspadaV8 Some of the postalcode data doen't include long/lat figures and/or ac…
…curacy figures. If the long or lat are missing then ignore the row. If accuracy is missing then assume that it's 0 (zero)
@EspadaV8 EspadaV8 We need to import the postal code data into the correct table, not th…
…e Alternate names table.
@EspadaV8 EspadaV8 Rather than redefine the GEONAMES_DATA path in the load file, import …
…the values from the compress file like the download command does.
@jezdez jezdez Use `gunzip -c` for uncompressing the alternateNames.gz file instead …
…of zcat which doesn't work in POSIX mode correctly (appending a .Z to the filename by default).
@jezdez jezdez Merge remote-tracking branch 'EspadaV8/master'
@jezdez jezdez Nitpicking a few things (PEP8 and general code cleanup).
Removed the custom BigIntegerField since Django >= 1.2 has its own.
@pix0r pix0r Allow for settings to override GEONAMES_DUMPS_URL and GEONAMES_DATA 297a252
@pix0r pix0r Store PGPASSWORD in environment before running psql commands db7dbce
@pix0r pix0r Ignore *.pyc fb413ed
@jezdez jezdez Added cities convenience method and ordered Geonames by name and coun…
@jezdez jezdez Extended admin interface of Geonames. fcad785
@jezdez jezdez Added initial migration. be3c2f4
@jezdez jezdez Disabled local names of geonames. a130fd0
@pix0r pix0r Merge remote-tracking branch 'jezdez/master'
Dan Fairs Add missing import 31bb17d
@pix0r pix0r Merge pull request #1 from danfairs/master
Missing import
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