Django implementation for vkontakte API
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Django Vkontakte API

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Application for interaction with objects of VK API using Django ORM


pip install django-vkontakte-api

Add into lines:


# oauth-tokens settings
OAUTH_TOKENS_HISTORY = True                                                     # to keep in DB expired access tokens
OAUTH_TOKENS_VKONTAKTE_CLIENT_ID = ''                                           # application ID
OAUTH_TOKENS_VKONTAKTE_CLIENT_SECRET = ''                                       # application secret key
OAUTH_TOKENS_VKONTAKTE_SCOPE = ['ads', 'wall' ,'photos', 'friends', 'stats']    # application scopes
OAUTH_TOKENS_VKONTAKTE_USERNAME = ''                                            # user login
OAUTH_TOKENS_VKONTAKTE_PASSWORD = ''                                            # user password
OAUTH_TOKENS_VKONTAKTE_PHONE_END = ''                                           # last 4 digits of user mobile phone

Coverage of API methods

  • resolveScreenName – Detects a type of object (e.g., user, community, application) and its ID by screen name.

Usage examples

Simple API request

>>> from vkontakte_api.api import api_call
>>> api_call('resolveScreenName', **{'screen_name': 'durov'})
{u'object_id': 1, u'type': u'user'}
>>> api_call('users.get', **{'user_ids': 'durov'})
[{'first_name': u'Павел', 'last_name': u'Дуров', 'uid': 1}]