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SOEN-6611 Assignment2

Selected Question/Hypothesis

Question 1: How Number Of Authors For a File Affect Number Of Issues In Source Code?

Goal: As manager the Google Chrome project, we will like to see if increasing number of software developer contributor does affect the number of bugs. Because multiple developers may think in multiple different ways and leaves risk of misunderstanding of each others’ logic.

We will measure outcome by the ratio of no of defect vs no of contributors.

Our direct measure will be: Number of Defects in Bug repository per file. On the other hand we will directly Measure the Number of contributors per source file.

We will be using the following measure as to control the confounds factors: Ownership of source code, to a specific senior, experienced developer. Code review by the owner prior merging commit/pull requests to reduce conflicting logic understanding and maintains consistency.

Hypothesis: Increased number of authors for a source code file results in increasing number of issues found

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