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Reconstruct Watertight Meshes from Point Clouds [SIGGRAPH 2020]


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Point2Mesh in PyTorch

SIGGRAPH 2020 [Paper] [Project Page]

Point2Mesh is a technique for reconstructing a surface mesh from an input point cloud. This approach "learns" from a single object, by optimizing the weights of a CNN to deform some initial mesh to shrink-wrap the input point cloud. The argument for going this route is: since the (local) convolutional kernels are optimized globally across the entire shape, this encourages local-scale geometric self-similarity across the reconstructed shape surface.

The code was written by Rana Hanocka and Gal Metzer.

Getting Started


  • Clone this repo:
git clone
cd point2mesh

Setup Conda Environment

  • Relies on PyTorch version 1.4 (or 1.5) and PyTorch3D version 0.2.0.
    Install via conda environment conda env create -f environment.yml (creates an environment called point2mesh)

Install "Manifold" Software

This code relies on the Robust Watertight Manifold Software. First cd into the location you wish to install the software. For example, we used cd ~/code. Then follow the installation instructions in the Watertight README. If you installed Manifold in a different path than ~/code/Manifold/build, please update accordingly (see this line)

Running Examples

Get Data

Download our example data

bash ./scripts/

Running Reconstruction

First, if using conda env first activate env e.g. source activate point2mesh. All the scripts can be found in ./scripts/examples. Here are a few examples:


bash ./scripts/examples/


bash ./scripts/examples/


bash ./scripts/examples/

Noisy Guitar

bash ./scripts/examples/

... and more.

All the examples

To run all the examples in this repo:

bash ./scripts/

Running different Examples

You should provide an initial mesh file. If the shape has genus 0, you can use the convex hull script provided in ./scripts/process_data/


If you find this code useful, please consider citing our paper

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Questions / Issues

If you have questions or issues running this code, please open an issue.