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PyTrade: Pythonic Trading Framework

This is the home of PyTrade - a Python Trading Framework.

PyTrade is based on my vision for the future of QTPyLib, though I felt its best to start fresh with a new name and no shared code.

PyTrade will use a microservice architecture where every part of the trading system can be used separately (market data handling, backtesting, etc). Additionally, every data vendor and broker will be installed via a separate sub-package.

For example, $ pip install pytrade will install the core package which includes the back-tester and base classes, whereas $ pip install pytrade-ib will add support for Interactive Brokers, and $ pip install pytrade-bitmex will add support for BitMEX, etc...

I'm using the same approach for loggers and datastores: $ pip install pytrade-sqlalchemy pytrade-pystore pytrade-mongodb, etc.


PyTrade, a Pythonic Trading Framework




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