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A Janitor instance will be started on every host that does not match the scheduling rule (default is janitor.exclude=true).


This will run a task daily (by default) that will delete any unused image, and any orphaned volume. The rancher container images are excluded from the list of images to clean up, and you can add your own containers to the exclude list if you wish. It will also remove any stopped containers that are taking up space; note that this may not be what you want if you are using stopped containers to hold volumes! If this is the case, use the Keep List below.

This cleanup will help to prevent the /var/lib/docker filesystem from filling up with old and unused container images, which is an issue on lighter-weight Docker hosts.

Keep list

You can specify match patterns for unused Images, and stopped Containers, which should be excluded from the cleanup.

The match patterns are comma-separated Left Anchored Bash Shell wildcard patterns. For example, an image called foo/bar:latest will match:

  • foo/
  • foo/bar
  • *:latest
  • */bar
  • *:*
  • fo

However it will not match

  • foo/baz
  • bar:latest
  • foo/*:v1

By default, nothing will be matched. If you want to match everything, then use a pattern *:*

The self-descriptive values '**None**' and '**All**' can also be used.


If you are using 'run-once' sidekick containers that mount a volume, then these containers may be removed by Janitor! Ensure that the list of Containers to keep matches these containers -- setting it to '*:*' will keep all containers, which is in general the best solution.