Service updating external DNS with Rancher services records
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Service updating external DNS with records generated by Rancher. Initial version comes with Route53 support; pluggable provider model makes it easy to implement other providers later.


  • external-dns gets deployed as a Rancher service containerized app. It enables all other services belonging to the same environment, to be registered to exteral DNS.

  • external-dns service would be periodically fetching info from rancher-metadata server, compare it with the data returned by DNS provider, and propagate the changes to DNS provider.

  • Every service will get a domain name in a following format:

<service_name>.<stack_name>.<environment_name>.<root_domain> {record set}

"root_domain" is a user set env var on external-dns service; record set - host ip addresses where service is deployed.

Example: service "foo" in stack "bar" belongs to environment "baz" has containers deployed on host1 and host2. Root_domain is set to "": [host1.ip, host2.ip]


For bugs, questions, comments, corrections, suggestions, etc., open an issue in rancher/rancher.

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