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Documentation for the master version of rancher/os

This dir is not the documentation for any released version of RancherOS. You can find that at the Rancher Labs Documentation site and specifically for RancherOS.

When there are Pull Requests to the rancher/os repository that affect the user (or developer), then it should include changes to the documenation in this directory.

When we make a new release of RancherOS, the docs/os dir will be copied into the rancher/ repository to be accessible by users.

Previewing your changes

You can either build and view your docs locally by running make docs, or you can set your fork of the rancher/os repository to render your master using GitHub Pages.

To set up GitHub Pages, browse to your fork, then to the Settings - under GitHub Pages, set the Source to master branch /docs folder and hit the Save button. GitHub will tell you the URL at which the documenation can be read.