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@rancherio-gh-m rancherio-gh-m released this Aug 20, 2019 · 221 commits to master since this release

Release v0.2.8


  • RKE v0.2.x releases enable certificate rotation support. This feature addresses a 1 year expiration on certificates generated by RKE v0.1.x for secure Kubernetes cluster components communication [#450]. To renew the cluster certificates, run the following command:

    ./rke cert rotate --config cluster.yml

Major Bug Fixes since v0.2.7

  • Re-built with Go 1.12.9

Known Major Issues

  • RKE will not finish deployment if certain network mounts exist on the target node [#20677]
  • When node is being removed from the cluster.yml, subsequent rke up run doesn't clean it up properly [1413]

Kubernetes Versions

Each version of RKE has a specific list of supported Kubernetes versions. If a version is defined in kubernetes_version in the cluster.yml and is not found in this list, then RKE will error out. If you want to use a different version than listed below, you will need to update Kubernetes using the system images option in your cluster.yml.

Kubernetes version
v1.15.3-rancher1-1 (experimental)
v1.14.6-rancher1-1 (default)
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