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Framework for wrapping clients, informers, listers into a simple usable controller pattern that promotes some good practices.

More documentation to follow but if you want to see what it looks like to write a controller with this framework refer to main.go and controller.go in the sample.

How it works

Most people writing controllers are a bit lost when they go to write a controller as they find that there is nothing in Kubernetes that is like type Controller interface where you can just do NewController. Instead a controller is really just a pattern of how you use the generated clientsets, informers, and listers combined with some custom event handlers and a workqueue.

Wrangler providers a code generator that will generate the clientset, informers, listers and additionally generate a controller per type. The interface to the controller looks as follows

To use the controller all one needs to do is register simple OnChange handlers. Also in the interface is access to the client and caches in a simple flat API.

type FooController interface {

	OnChange(ctx context.Context, name string, sync FooHandler)
	OnRemove(ctx context.Context, name string, sync FooHandler)
	Enqueue(namespace, name string)

	Cache() FooCache

	Informer() cache.SharedIndexInformer
	GroupVersionKind() schema.GroupVersionKind

	AddGenericHandler(ctx context.Context, name string, handler generic.Handler)
	AddGenericRemoveHandler(ctx context.Context, name string, handler generic.Handler)
	Updater() generic.Updater

type FooClient interface {
	Create(*v1alpha1.Foo) (*v1alpha1.Foo, error)
	Update(*v1alpha1.Foo) (*v1alpha1.Foo, error)
	UpdateStatus(*v1alpha1.Foo) (*v1alpha1.Foo, error)
	Delete(namespace, name string, options *metav1.DeleteOptions) error
	Get(namespace, name string, options metav1.GetOptions) (*v1alpha1.Foo, error)
	List(namespace string, opts metav1.ListOptions) (*v1alpha1.FooList, error)
	Watch(namespace string, opts metav1.ListOptions) (watch.Interface, error)
	Patch(namespace, name string, pt types.PatchType, data []byte, subresources ...string) (result *v1alpha1.Foo, err error)

type FooCache interface {
	Get(namespace, name string) (*v1alpha1.Foo, error)
	List(namespace string, selector labels.Selector) ([]*v1alpha1.Foo, error)

	AddIndexer(indexName string, indexer FooIndexer)
	GetByIndex(indexName, key string) ([]*v1alpha1.Foo, error)

type FooIndexer func(obj *v1alpha1.Foo) ([]string, error)