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Description: This program uses a greedy algorithm to give the least amount of change back.
#include <stdio.h>
//Define the function
void greedyAlgorithm(int c);
int main(void){
int changeOwed;
printf("How much change is owed (in cents) ? ");// Ask user input
scanf("%d", &changeOwed); //Get user input
greedyAlgorithm(changeOwed);// Run the greedy algorithm
system("pause");//Comment out if you are not using Windows OS
void greedyAlgorithm(int c){
int numQ=0, numD=0, numN=0, numP =0, count =0;
//Gets all of the possible number of quarters ($0.25) as change
while(c >= 25){
c = c - 25;
//Gets all of the possible number of dimes ($0.10) as change
while(c >= 10){
c = c - 10;
//Gets all of the possible number of nickels ($0.05) as change
while(c >= 5){
c = c - 5;
//Gets all of the possible number of pennies ($0.01) as change
while(c >= 1){
c = c - 1;
printf("Please give the user the following: \n");
printf("%d Quarters \n", numQ);
printf("%d Dimes \n", numD);
printf("%d Nickels\n", numN);
printf("%d Pennies \n", numP);