Jekyll plugin for creating versioned file collections
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jekyll-versioned_files plugin

This creates a Jekyll::Collection directory containing a document for each git revision of each file listed in a _config.yml versioned_file_options[files]: custom setting. It also creates sets of git diffs between those revisions.

A working example can be found at and the site repo


Add the Gem to the Gemfile:

# Gemfile

group :jekyll_plugins do
  gem "jekyll-versioned_files"

Add the Gem to the Jekyll gems setting in _config.yml:

# _config.yml

  - jekyll-versioned_files


Add the collection setting in the _config.yml. { versioned=>true } must be set to the collection metadata for the designated versioned-files collection.

# _config.yml `jekyll-versioned_files` collection defaults

    output: false
    permalink: /:collection/:path/
    versioned: true

versioned_file_options Configuration settings have been updated for the addition of the git diff feature.

files is the only requirement and takes one sitesource/path/filename.ext or an array of files. The rest are defaults that can be changed.

formatting sets the output type and ignore options for git diff files generated between pairs of file revisions.

  • Set the diff_ignore options and the output style for the created comparison files.

  • Read about the git diff ignore options here

  • diff_limit will limit the diff pairs that are created to adjacent revisions only.

  • output: html surrounds a deletion with <del> and an addition with <ins>.

  • output: markdown uses **strong** for additions and ~~del~~ for deletions.


  • The files Front Matter permalink key is changed to orig_permalink (if present) to prevent it from rendering out to that location. Change the name in the _config
  • The diff word change count is added as Front Matter keys diff_del and diff_ins.
  • A Front Matter key sha is added with the file's commit hash for a versioned file, and as an array of the two hashes use for git diff.
  • A Front Matter key ver is added with the revision version number or as an array containing the pair diff versions.
  • If no changes have been made between the pair, a no_change: true entry is added.

The created diff files insert a new Front Matter block at the top so any changes made to the original Front Matter will show up in the page.content variable

#_config.yml `versioned_file_options` DEFAULTS

  files: # file is required
    - foo/
      ignore-all-space: false
      ignore-blank-lines: true
      ignore-space-change: true
    diff_limit: false
    output: markdown           # or html
    permalink: orig_permalink  # alt_name || false
    diff_del: diff_del         # alt_name || false
    diff_ins: diff_ins         # alt_name || false
    sha: sha                   # alt_name || false
    ver: ver                   # alt_name || false


Collection and Documents can be accessed using Jekyll Liquid output:

{{ site.collection_labelname }}

<!-- Loop through the versioned-files _collection[documents] -->
{% for doc in %}
  {{ doc.relative_path }}: {{ doc.content }}
{% end for %}

Versioned files are created at site.source/_collection_labelname/v#/filename.ext.

  • path/filename is flattened in the versioned-files collection to path_filename.ext

Compared diff files are created at site.source/_collection_labelname/diffs/v#/v#_v#_filename.ext

# created directory & file structure
# site.source/



GitHub Pages + jekyll-versioned_files w/ Travis CI

As custom plugins do not work with GitHub Pages alone, Travis CI w/ GitHub deployment can be used with the plugin to create the _collection/directory/ and _collection/directory/versioned_files.ext in the GitHub Pages repository - for GitHub Pages to access.

  • If using Travis CI to create the files for GitHub Pages, the collection must be set in the _config.yml so gh-pages adds the collection when it renders the site.

Create a .travis.yml and set the Environment Variable: $GITHUB_TOKEN in Travis CI settings with a GitHub Access Token.

# basic `.travis.yml` - add to gh-pages repo

language: ruby
- 2.5.1
script: "bundle exec jekyll build -V"

  provider: pages
  skip-cleanup: true
  github-token: $GITHUB_TOKEN  # Set in dashboard, marked secure
  keep-history: true
    branch: master
  target-branch: master # branch to push contents to, defaults to `gh-pages`


Copyright © 2018 random-parts

Distributed under the Apache License 2.0 License.