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googleURLParser - GSERPent

Parser for Google search strings

This tool came about to try and identify the data located within a Google URL. Using this script examiners may be able to understand a little bit more about how the user came to a certain page, or what their actions were. You can view the webcast (and download the slides) for the presentation I did on 11th May 2017 here: Requires - Perl, and Python

Usage Example:

List input formatting expects [link] | [comment] and ignores lines starting with #

Perl Libraries Required


  • ppm install URI
  • ppm install Text-ASCIITable


  • cpan Text::ASCIITable

Linux (debian)

  • sudo apt install build-essentials
  • sudo cpan Text::ASCIITable

Helper Scripts:

  • - converts IEF's TSV output from the Google Searches section into a list that can be injested with the -f option in GSERPent.

  • - given a list of Google URLs, provide a list of all of the parameters

  • - given a list of Google URLs, provide a list of all of the parameters, and the grouped values

  • - run test cases, not really populated

  • - split URLs by & and # value

  • - command line unix timestamp converter

Known Issues:

  • Doesn't parse the data in the fragment (after the #)