randombit Avoid throwing std:: exceptions
Also include <new> in mem_ops.cpp as apparently that header is
where bad_alloc is defined.
Latest commit 4e2f0e5 Nov 7, 2018
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argparse.h Support other list args in argument parser Mar 27, 2018
asn1.cpp In cli ASN1 pretty printer default to printing context specific Jul 4, 2018
cc_enc.cpp Print a command description for cli help Jan 14, 2018
cli.cpp fileno is a macro on OpenBSD Sep 27, 2018
cli.h Add pk_encrypt/pk_decrypt commands Jul 4, 2018
cli_exceptions.h Allow building asn1print even if PEM is disabled Nov 21, 2017
cli_rng.cpp Add new CLI test script Mar 10, 2018
compress.cpp Fix error - testing input file instead of output file Jun 29, 2018
credentials.h Add some options to tls_client cli to control trusted CAs Mar 24, 2018
encryption.cpp Add RAII versions of get_cipher_mode and get_aead Apr 7, 2018
main.cpp Add header for std::min Oct 24, 2017
math.cpp Use Montgomery_Int::sub to avoid an allocation May 3, 2018
pbkdf.cpp Add pbkdf_tune command line util Sep 10, 2018
pk_crypt.cpp Tighten up error checking in pk_decrypt Jul 13, 2018
psk.cpp Print a command description for cli help Jan 14, 2018
pubkey.cpp Add an explicit OS target for Emscripten Oct 12, 2018
socket_utils.h Test OS features by the feature vs the OS name Dec 30, 2017
speed.cpp Fix more MSVC warnings Oct 1, 2018
timing_tests.cpp Add a timing check for modular exponentiation Jun 30, 2018
tls_client.cpp Avoid using std::invalid_argument Nov 7, 2018
tls_http_server.cpp Avoid throwing std:: exceptions Nov 7, 2018
tls_proxy.cpp Properly set thread counts in asio TLS servers May 9, 2018
tls_server.cpp Fix file descriptor leak in tls_server Jun 29, 2018
tls_utils.cpp Fix TLS client CLI which was broken by disabling v1.0/v1.1 by default Sep 12, 2018
tss.cpp Document TSS Oct 30, 2018
utils.cpp Add CLI util for threshold secret sharing Oct 29, 2018
x509.cpp Allow setting extended key usage when generating PKCS10 Jun 28, 2018