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Port of Chicuelo's Excellent EmulationStation Theme
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Chicuelo made a very elegant and polished theme for EmulationStation, aptly called Chicuelo. He has a very fine grip on colors and presentation (figures the man is a designer). I adore his theme specially the contrast between plain background and exorbitant colors of flyers/ pictures, since I primarily use Attrcat-Mode I decided to port Chicuelo's theme to AM.

All the credit for this theme (Chicuelo-Mix) goes to Chicuelo. Design decisions, artwork placement, font selection etc were all made by him. To show my appreciation and respect to the original author I have tried my best to keep this theme as close to original as possible. Since EmulationStation and Attract-Mode are two different applications I had to to tweak somethings, a list of changes is listed under differences header.

Again to drive the point home, this here, is merely a port of an excellent theme. The credit for this great theme rests solely with Chicuelo.

Lastly I've found Attract-Mode forums to be very helpful, this here is my little bit of contribution for the community :)


  • Exceptionally fine tuned, elegant and polished theme
  • Currently supports 1920x1080 (16:9) resolution, but easy to tweak to other resolutions since we deal with few artwork items. Also the dimesnions are listed in plain numbers so upsizing/ downsizing won't be a huge problem.
  • Lightweight, should work with most systems
  • Highly Cutomizeable, Just by changing the System pictures you can create a very different look.
  • Easy to Expand: Easy to add more systems, all you will need are a few artwork items (provided emulation for said system works).


Attrcat-Mode is completely Portable. That means different Attrcat-Mode installations in different folders operate in isolation and don't effect each other. For this theme/ layout I HIGHLY recommend that you download and use a seperate version because _WARNING!!!_ If you copy the contents of this theme over an old instance of Attract-Mode, some of your settings (including romlists) will be overwritten. This repo is made with new users in mind and tailored to keep things as simple as possible, so I have made some pre-configured files which WILL OVERWRITE old installation files. If you are familiar with Attrcat-Mode's working then only download /layout/Chicuela Mix v1.0 and place it in /layouts.

  1. Download Attract-mode and Unzip. File is located here
  2. Keil's Shuffle module is already added in, if you are only downloading the layout part make sure to get it and place it in /modules else skip this step.
  3. Fetch the latest release candidate from release page. Extract it and paste the contens (6 folders and 6 files) on top of Attract-Mode folder, allow all overwrites. If you are only seeking the layout, download the release candidate, extract it and place "Chicuelo Mix" folder in /AM/layouts, this folder includes all artwork assets/ fonts etc utilized in theme.
  4. Start Attract-Mode, Press Tab for Settings. Change controls and restart.
  5. Everything should be operational now as far as DisplaysMenu go.
  6. Theme has two layout.nut files, For gamelists go to AM > Settings > Displays > [System] > Layout Options and Select layout_games


  1. Up/ Down: This is a layout with vertical flow, so selection in "DisplaysMenu" and "SystemMenu" is via up and down mapped on keyborad or gamepad.

  2. right/ left: Right & Left are disabled on "DisplaysMenu" and only work in "SystemMenu" where they jump to next display in same platform head. Right/ left can be mapped ot gamepad/ keyboard.

Adding or Removing Systems/ Romlsist:

  1. If you want to add systems, then add an [emulator].cfg file in /emulators (examples are given) just make sure that name of [emulator].cfg matches with the system name in theme (example genesis is named Sega Genesis in theme and thatshow you should name it). Then generate a romlist from within Attrcat-Mode.
  2. If you already have pre-made romlists/ [emulator].cfg, rename them according to theme and make sure you edit [Emulator] part of romlist to reflect the changes.
  3. Adding a new system will require adding a line about it in relevant DisplaysMenu romlist. Console will be added to Consoles.txt, Arcades to Arcades.txt and so on. All systems in original are already added in pre-made lists. I f you want to add more then make sure to follow the already filled systems in DisplasMenu configs. Common mistake is not adding "@" in Emulator field.
  4. If you want to remove a system add a "#" before it in its related DisplayMenu.txt romlist. Example for removing Amiga which is a computer system open Computers.txt in /romlists and place a hash (#) before its listing, AM will not list it anymore.

Differences b/w Port and Original:

  1. Added DisplaysMenu/ PlatformsMenu because calling some text assets otherwise would have required making direct enteries in layout.nut
  2. Converted Logo SVG to PNG as Attract-Mode does not support SVG at the moment
  3. Changed system names from abbreviated EmulationStation form to standard titles as Attract-Mode does not support ES's abbreviations directly.
  4. Changed NeoGeo to SNK NeoGeo MVS, Changed PC/DOS to DOS
  5. Cosmetic Changes like animation effect on arrows & sounds while browsing

Future Prospects:

  • This theme will continue to mimic the original. Additions (if any) will not deviate from original.
  • Game list sizes at the moment have to be manually added and can't be called via layout, this will be updated once i figure out how to do it.
  • Sounds are a bit of mismatch, I might update them to get a more Arcade like feel.



This theme was created solely by Chicuelo, I have merely ported the theme to Attrcat-Mode. All the credit goes to Chicuelo and huge thanks to him for sharing his great work with the community.

General Attract-Mode Stuff:

Having no know how of squirrel language, I have relied extensively on knowledgeable members of Attrcat-Mode forums and picked a lot form their posts. Specially keilmillerjr, oomek, jedione, progets, hermine.potter, liquid8d, zpaolo11x, kent79, calle81 & qqplayer. I'm prolly not remebering a lot of other names but thankyou for all the help.

Plugins/ Modules

  • Shuffle Plugin from "Keil Miller Jr" from
    note: I have added shuffle plugin in the repo and download file because new users tend to make mistakes in placing modules/ plugins. The most updated version will always be at Keil's orignal page and I encourge all to use original shuffle repo for keeping the plugin updated and also keep an eye on Keil's other plugin's which can add a lot of quality of life additions to Attract-Mode.



All the artwork is from Chicuelo's Chicuelo theme unless noted otherwise.

Artwork Exceptions are listed below.


Controller images taken from Chicuelo's original ES theme, design proportions within layout/ placement etc is from Chicuelo. Most Controller images originated from OpenEMU (opensource bitmaps) I'll list the orignal authors (taken from Chicuelo's Repo Readme):

(Note: I have not been able to get in touch with "David McLead" and "Memory Noise", the bitmaps are a part of OpenEMU an openasource project so I am hoping that sharing them won't be a problem. In-case original creators object I'll remove the bitmaps)

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