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Ore page

How to use the Holograms-API

Setup the dependency

Add jitpack as a repository and the API as a dependency.

Gradle example:

repositories {
    maven { url "" }
dependencies {
    compile "com.github.randombyte-developer.holograms:holograms-api:v2.1.1"

That dependency only contains this one file.

How to use in code

Although everything is documented in theHologramService.kt it may not be clear how to use that Service written in Kotlin from a plugin written in Java. Basically, the fields prefixed with var like text and location have a getter and a setter method automatically generated to be used from the Java side.

Here is an example:

Optional<HologramsService> hologramsServiceOptional = Sponge.getServiceManager().provide(HologramsService.class);
HologramsService hologramsService = hologramsServiceOptional.orElseThrow(
        () -> new RuntimeException("HologramsAPI not available! Is the plugin 'holograms' installed?"));

// Creating a Hologram
Optional<HologramsService.Hologram> hologramOptional = hologramsService
        .createHologram(player.getLocation(), Text.of(TextColors.GREEN, "Example text"));
if (!hologramOptional.isPresent()) {
    player.sendMessage(Text.of("Hologram couldn't be spawned!"));
    return CommandResult.success();

// Modifying the Hologram
Hologram hologram = hologramOptional.get();

hologram.setText(Text.of("New text"));

Location<World> newLocation = hologram.getLocation().add(0.0, 5.0, 0.0);

// Finding the Hologram by UUID
// Both UUIDs are saved somewhere (e.g. in a config file)
UUID hologramUuid = hologram.getUuid();
UUID worldUuid = hologram.getWorldUuid();

Optional<World> worldOptional = Sponge.getServer().getWorld(worldUuid);
if (!worldOptional.isPresent()) {
    player.sendMessage(Text.of("Couldn't find world!"));
    return CommandResult.success();
World world = worldOptional.get();
Optional<? extends Hologram> loadedHologramOptional = hologramsService.getHologram(world, hologramUuid);
if (!loadedHologramOptional.isPresent()) {
    player.sendMessage(Text.of("Couldn't find Hologram!"));
    return CommandResult.success();
Hologram loadedHologram = loadedHologramOptional.get();
loadedHologram.setText(Text.of("This Hologram was found!"));

// Removing the Hologram

If you have questions, please ask me!