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Open Source jPCT 'RPG-like' Framework

Perfect for beginner jPCT users and level 3D game developers who aspire to create an RPG style game but need a head start.

Screen Shot


  • 2D graphics overlay
  • RPG Camera Setup (arrow key movement, mouse wheel = zoom)
  • 3 Terrains included
  • Left click player translation
  • Player model with appearance re-coloring, and generic animations
  • A sky class with a handful of optional configurations/settings

This project is basically an overall compilation of jPCT demo code, and helper classes released by community members. It should not be used to create a production game, but instead, could be referenced for demonstration purposes.. Feel free to use the source code however you'd like. I hope this helps someone out there :)...

Special thanks:

  • words (me)
  • EgonOlsen (terrains, sky, misc)
  • r a f t (2d stuff)
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