Kohana 3.2 module to wrap around the Petfinder.com API
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Petfinder via Kohana

Use this module to easily connect a Kohana 3.2 powered website with the Petfinder API and display pet or shelter information as needed from its database.

Initially developed for use at KentuckyAnimalRescue.org


To add this to your site, you'll need to adjust your bootstrap.php file accordingly.


Enable the module by adding it to the Kohana::modules array. Name it as you please, but the path should match its location.

    'petfinder'       => MODPATH.'petfinder',  // Petfinder API


Here is an example route you can drop into the Route::set rules

Route::set('petfinder', 'petfinder(/<action>(/<id>))')
        'controller' => 'petfinder',
        'action'     => 'index',

Calling the API

There are many method calls you can issue to the API. In this showing, we're calling the method of the module that will pluck a pet's details at random:


The initial result will be an object data of the pet's information in either XML or JSON format. What's ultimately sent back after the module has its way will be an homogenised array for easier handling in the controller and/or view.

More examples on how to call up the Petfinder module can be found in the application/classes/controller/petfinder.php file.


With your API key and secret, head on over to modules/petfinder/config/petfinder.php and drop them in.

You can select either XML or JSON format for the Petfinder API return results, but as the module will render the data in a no fuss, single format whatever you choose, it doesn't really matter.

API key

For a developer API key, go to petfinder.com/developers/api-key

Petfinder API documentation

To get a breakdown of the GET methods and parameters used to connect with the Petfinder API, you can read the documentation found at petfinder.com/developers/api-docs