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1 parent f48fbdf commit 5afc7498990e2808764ba64ee7c16478c0f90268 @randomjohn committed Nov 5, 2012
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  1. +5 −5 sna_project.MININT-JSFC1SN.John.pui
  2. BIN stat blogs graph 2012 10 31.gephi_temp
10 sna_project.MININT-JSFC1SN.John.pui
@@ -9,9 +9,9 @@ Open File Line12=0
Open File Line2=120
Open File Line3=1016
Open File Line4=0
-Open File Line5=2369
+Open File Line5=2440
Open File Line6=0
-Open File Line7=4186
+Open File Line7=3298
Open File Line8=15362
Open File Line9=11488
Open File Pos0=5491
@@ -22,9 +22,9 @@ Open File Pos12=386
Open File Pos2=2538
Open File Pos3=1416
Open File Pos4=0
-Open File Pos5=3388
-Open File Pos6=716
-Open File Pos7=374
+Open File Pos5=3460
+Open File Pos6=542
+Open File Pos7=4916
Open File Pos8=17606
Open File Pos9=12473
Open File Window Pos0=0,1,-1,-1,-8,-31,75,75,744,425
BIN stat blogs graph 2012 10 31.gephi_temp
Binary file not shown.

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