Automatic test generation for Java
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Randoop is a unit test generator for Java. It automatically creates unit tests for your classes, in JUnit format.

Learn about Randoop:

Directory structure

  • agent - subprojects for Java agents (load-time bytecode rewriting)
  • docs - the GitHub site contents, including the manual (Should not be edited)
  • gradle - the Gradle wrapper directory (Should not be edited)
  • lib - jar files for local copies of libraries not available via Maven
  • scripts - git hook scripts
  • src - source directories for Randoop, including
    • coveredtest - source for JUnit tests of the covered-class Java agent
    • distribution - resource files for creating the distribution zip file
    • docs - all editable documentation and resources
    • javadoc - resource files for creating docs/api
    • main - Randoop source code
    • replacecalltest - source for JUnit tests of the replacecall Java agent
    • systemtest - source for Randoop system tests
    • test - source for JUnit tests of Randoop
    • testinput - source for libraries used in Randoop testing

The source directories follow the conventions of the Gradle Java plugin, where each directory has a java subdirectory containing Java source, and, in some cases, a resources subdirectory containing other files.